Kanchan and Sabita

Kanchan and Sabita are tourists who have visited Japan. as my good friends who looked at my Instagram page and asked me to meet in Tokyo for hanging out. この記事ではカンサンとサビタとの旅の思い出について書いていきたいと思います。 待ち合わせは彼女らが宿泊するホテルニューオータニで。 彼女たちはスカイツリーに行きたいということで、電車に乗ってスカイツリーまで。 日本観光中の写真をたくさん残したいと思いお気に入りの富士フイルムカメラを持っていった。 Sabita visited Japan again. She sent me a message that she wanted to see me and we went to Tokyo Tower, ateContinue reading “Kanchan and Sabita”

I showed Asakusa to a Vietnamese friend who lives in Japan

Linh lives in Japan. She is Vietnamese and very kind. I introduced Asakusa for her. She came to see me in Asakusa. Even though she has a part-time job interview scheduled from night She has been in Japan for two years. However, she is busy with her work and school and has not been ableContinue reading “I showed Asakusa to a Vietnamese friend who lives in Japan”