Vladivostok station, a breathtakingly beautiful station.

Arrive in Vladivostok

Vladivostok Airport, located about 40km north of the center of Vladivostok


I came from Haneda Airport by Aurora Airlines


Within a minute’s walk, I arrived at the ticket office in front of the platform. Ask the counter to issue a ticket like a receipt. You can pass the QR code through the ticket gate.

You can take the train from the airport to the city center. Outside is -2 degrees. I feel my hands hurt when I take off my gloves


Aeroexpress is a direct train from Vladivostok Airport to Vladivostok Station! It operates daily and arrives from the airport to the station in about an hour. It’s cheaper than a taxi, and you don’t have to change trains, so you can relax while gazing at the scenery of Vladivostok.


Inside the train

arrived at Vladivostok station

Vladivostok Station is the terminal station of the Trans-Siberian Railway


The inside of the station looks like this

A stone kilometer post engraved with “9288 KM from Moscow” stands in the center of the platform.

It was so cold outside that the road froze. I forgot the time and stayed for about an hour because of the beauty of this station

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