I showed Asakusa to a Vietnamese friend who lives in Japan

Linh lives in Japan. She is Vietnamese and very kind. I introduced Asakusa for her.

She came to see me in Asakusa. Even though she has a part-time job interview scheduled from night

She has been in Japan for two years. However, she is busy with her work and school and has not been able to go sightseeing in Tokyo yet.

I wanted to take her to Asakusa. Asakusa is my favorite city in Tokyo.

This is Asakusa station. We met here

It was raining on the way, but we enjoyed sightseeing

She recently moved to Chiba prefecture. She said she lived in Sendai until then. She is learning Japanese to work at a hotel in the future.

Japan is in a difficult working situation now. Many foreigners have lost their jobs and foreigners like her are in trouble.

When I traveled to foreign countries such as Vietnam, many people warmly welcomed me.

I want to help foreigners like her to work happily in Japan

Especially through tourism

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