[Feature] My recent Thailand trip was very memorable because I was able to travel alone while meeting new people

I asked my friends for an interview regarding contributions. Thank you for the kind person who responded to the interview. The interview was online. #Stay home

In this article, I’m going to feature Sam she lives in Phillipines.

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Let’s get to the interview

Taiki : Nice to meet you Sam, so what is most memorable trip ever and why? Tell me your story.

Sam : My recent Thailand trip was very memorable because I was able to travel alone while meeting new people from temples, events, parties, etc. I think I was really able to see Thailand in different angles because I went to the capital, Bangkok and also a province, Ayuthaya. Aside from that, I ate insects and even plant some rice in the field! I really tried everything I could try there from food to experiences.

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Wat Arun

Taiki : If you could bring only 3 things to travel, What would you bring?

Sam : This is difficult because I always bring a lot. For a spontaneous trip, I think as long as I have my passport, phone and wallet, I’m good to go anywhere in the world.

Taiki : What situation or when do you feel you want to travel to?

Sam : Whenever I read good stuff about a place or see grest pictures of its scenery.

Taiki : What is your country proud of and why?

Sam : Our people! Filipinos are very friendly and hospitable. You can go anywhere here and people will smile at you, making you feel at home. More than that, we have beautiful beaches, mountains and a lot of breathtaking sceneries.

She were at ASEAN Week. nice smile!!

Taiki : Where is your favorite place in your country ?

Sam : It’s hard to choose just one. Each place has it’s own uniqueness. Palawan is great for islands and exotic food, but I’m pretty sure Siargao and Boracay won’t disappoint as well. Personally, I also love my province, Leyte, it always feels like home.

サム(Sam), I’m happy to know a lot about your travel experience. Thank you!

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