[Feature] Camera should always be by your side. You should never miss to add one in your memory book.

I asked my friends for an interview regarding contributions. Thank you for the kind person who responded to the interview. The interview was online. #Stay home

In this article, I’m going to feature kathleen.

Let’s get to the interview

What is most memorable trip ever and why

kathleen : this question is real tough because I’ve been to different countries with different people with me. I actually have two– with different bases.

Most memorable would be my Singapore trip.

It’s because it was my very first out of the country. It really gives me chills when talking about firsts – so yes to Singapore as my first love.

Me : I love this place too! Japan has also Universal Studio (in city of Osaka)

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kathleen : But if I really have to pick one because of experience, Taiwan. because it was my first time to experience winter season.

Taipei 101

Me : I visited Taiwan (Taipei & Kaohsiung) in Dec, 2018. There was Christ mas mood and really joyful! but when I visited Taipei for day trip from Kaohsiung, there was misty because rain, I could hardly see the Taipei 101.

kathleen : Though we didn’t experience snowing when we went to the Snow Mountain, being in that kind of cold was really fun and fulfilling. ❤️

Me : In Japan, there are snow mountains during winter season. below is “The Mt. Fuji”

What is your travel essentials ?

kathleen : camera, journal, earphones and most importantly, money. Camera should always be by your side. You should never miss to add one in your memory book.

kathleen : I am a person who loves to write. So I always have this close relationship with my journal. This one stores the itineraries I write down, and keeps the all papers/tickets I purchased during my trips. ☺️

She showed me the journal

Me : It is nice ! collecting tickets and receipts is one of my favorite things when I traveling!

キャスリン(kathleen), I’m happy to know a lot about your travel experience. Thank you!

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