[My Travel Essentials] As I’m a teenager, I can’t live without my phone


In this article, I’m going to feature a 17 year old traveler who lives in Myanmar. Her name is Yoon. She first responded to the interview on my blog. That article is my favorite, so I hope everyone will see it. Click on the image to jump to her article. ☟

[Feature] I think pagodas are our country’s pride

The reason for this feature is that my blog is read by Millennials and Generation Z. The editor is also Millennials generation, so I thought that it is easy to be interested.

If I could bring only three things to travel, i would choose my phone, powerbank and a suitcase.

I can’t live without my phone cuz it helps me to get a contact with my family so that I can go everywhere I want to. And of course powerbank is also important too. When we travel, we have to leave the hotel early in the morning and come back late at night. So there is no time to charge our phone when we are traveling and the battery can run out. So powerbank is also the necessary one for me.

Best power banks of 2020

I like to take pictures whenever I go on a vacation. So in order to boost self-confidence, I use to take many clothes ,cosmetic and skincare products in my luggage. I’m addicted to these things as I’m a teenager 😁.

I use many cosmetics and skincare products but here is my some fav things!

Among the cosmetics she introduced, this article introduces Neutrogena.

What kind of brand is Neutrogena?

Neutrogena is a skin care and cosmetic brand.
It is now a member of Johnson & Johnson and is known as a global cosmetics brand that operates in over 70 countries.

Neutrogena’s greatest attraction is that it offers dermatologist-recommended high-quality, safe skin care and cosmetics at an affordable drug store price.

blogger also recommend this in their videos.

I hope readers will find this article helpful in preparing their trip!

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