[Feature] Bagan is my most memorable trip

I asked my friends for an interview regarding contributions. Thank you for the kind person who responded to the interview. The interview was online. #Stay home

In this article, I’m going to feature Yamin lives in Myanmar.

Myanmar has a rich and unique culture for me.

The habit of applying powder called Thanakha to the face. This is said to protect the skin from UV rays. Thanakha powder is sold in supermarkets. Myanmar has a rich and unique culture.

I participated in an event related to Burmese culture held in Tokyo with my friend and wanted to go to Myanmar with interest.

She introduced me some memorable travel experiences and recommended local food information in her country Myanmar.

Let’s get to the interview

1. what is most memorable trip ever and why

Yamin : Bagan is my most memorable trip. where the world resource place in Myanmar. was an ancient city.

She wearing Longyi

[This is a national costume called Longyi which is a cloth sewn in a ring shape, Wrap around your waist. Longyi may be worn along with ready-made clothes such as shirts and T-shirts. It is fashionable.]

Me : Bagan is my favorite city as well ! I visited there last year. it was beautiful.

[Gallery] Bagan

2. What is your country proud of and why

Yamin : My country is proud of many ancient resources and much of natural beauties.

Me : Totally agree ! I tried applying Thanakha in Myanmar. Your country has rich and unique culture.

Applying “Thanakha” in Myanmar

3. What is your favorite dish? In your country’s cuisine

Mont Sein Paung (steamed rice cake) is my fav dish.

ヤミン(Yamin), I’m happy to know a lot about your travel experience. Thank you!

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