[My Travel Essentials] I take ear plugs, sometimes travels come across noisy neighbors

This is Masha’s suitcase

She uses a bright turquoise suitcase.

Masha : This is my favorite suitcase, it survived many trips such as cold Sochi and hot Spain.

[Feature] Sochi is really good place

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In this article, I’m going to feature Masha from Russia, living in Belarus. She loves my blog so much and I am very happy. This is the second “boarding” 🚁

If I could bring only 3 things to travel

Masha : I would take a credit card, iPhone and power bank.

Masha : I also love to take ear plugs with me, because I like to sleep in the transport and sometimes travels come across noisy neighbors.

Me : strongly agree !! I think every traveler has had at least one experience. This is the recommended article. ☟

The Best Earplugs for Sleeping [Healthline]

Masha : And they are my travel cosmetics set. During traveling, I hardly do makeup. But this product is my must-have!

Carmex’s Classic Jar & Classic Tube has a soft texture and good stretch, and it can be expected to have a wrapping effect on the lips, allowing for long-term moisturizing.
Recommended for night care during the day as it protects the lips from dryness.

(Carmex is a brand of lip balm produced by Carma Laboratories, Inc. It is sold in jars, sticks, and squeezable containers. Carma Laboratories, Inc. began in Wisconsin in the early 1930s. It continues to grow as a globally popular brand that is favored by many overseas celebrities and makeup artists.)

マーシャ (Masha), Thank you for the interview. ありがとう! 😸

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