[Interview] Lina (France)

I asked my friends for an interview regarding contributions. Thank you for the kind person who responded to the interview. The interview was online. #Stay home

In this article, I’m going to feature Lina she live in Strasbourg (France)

She is a french airline cabin crew. For me, working in the travel industry in Japan, her job is a profession that everyone wants to be. I’ve visited Paris in September 2017 and I went to Charles de Gaulle Airport over 20 hours via Beijing. I will definitely use her airlines next time I visit Paris.

She studied painting by herself and made wonderful illustrations while traveling. She showed them to me.

This picture is what she depicts about Vietnam.

I used to go to my friend’s house to paint every Friday when I was little. My friend’s grandfather was a professional painter. I called him “YUTAKA JIJI”. Translated literally, YUTAKA grandfather. When I won the prize in the competition, he visited the exhibition and sent a letter to my house.

He died over 10 years ago. He gave me a picture. The picture depicts a town called Mỹ Tho in the south of Vietnam. When I first saw Lina’s paintings of Vietnam, I just remembered my memories with YUTAKA JIJI.

I think there is a good point in the painting that the camera does not have. Cameras can be easily handled by releasing the shutter, but painting is not. 

You can feel the warmth in the picture. It’s warmth that the camera doesn’t have.

because the paintings are incomplete.

Let’s get to the interview

  1. what is most memorable trip ever and why

Lina : My most memorable trip was in southeast Asia two years ago, during 4 months, we had the chance to visit Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam with a friend. It was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. The thing that I’ve really appreciated was that we had a lot of time to improvise a lot of things:
In this way, we have met some unexpected, memorable and surprising situations. And for me, it was perfect, because I had many new ideas for my illustrations 🙂

[French] Le voyage qui m’a le plus marqué est celui que j’ai fait en Asie du Sud-Est il y a maintenant presque deux ans. Avec une amie, nous avons fait le Cambodge, la Thaïlande, la Malaisie et le Vietnam, le tout en 4 mois. C’était magnifique et j’en garde de très beaux souvenirs. Ce que j’ai beaucoup apprécié, c’est d’avoir beaucoup de temps pour l’improvisation : ça crée des situations mémorables, inattendues, parfois même surprenantes. Et il n’y a rien de mieux pour avoir des choses inédites à raconter à travers mes illustrations 🙂

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2. What is your country proud of and why

Lina : I would say that France is proud of its gastronomy. Each region has its speciality. Here (Alsace/region in eastern France) it is the “Choucroute” ! (Sauerkraut) : Germany

[French] Je dirais que la France est très fière de sa gastronomie. Chaque région a sa spécialité, ici c’est la choucroute !

3. What is your favorite dish? In your country’s cuisine

Lina : My favorite dish is the “Raclette”. I can eat it even during summer !

[French] Mon plat préféré est la raclette, été comme hiver !


◎She has posted many pictures other than those introduced in this article.

🎨 lina.kahal (Instagram) : https://www.instagram.com/lina.kahal/

リナ (Lina), I’m happy to know a lot about your travel experience. Your works are amazing. ありがとう!

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