[Feature] I am proud of Thai tradition “Thai Wai”

I asked my friends for an interview regarding contributions. Thank you for the kind person who responded to the interview. The interview was online. #Stay home

In this article, I’m going to feature Toey lives in Thailand. She loves marathons as much as travels. She participated in a marathon around Angkor Wat last December. I visited there a week before she visited Angkor Wat.

Also, she likes Japanese culture. She loves One ok rock & Radwimps.

Let’s get to the interview

Me : what is most memorable trip ever and why

My most memorable trip ever was Cambodia. Cambodia is neighborhood country but I know very less about them. Something about us I have studied was written in history textbook but go to see the real historical places such as Angkor Wat with my eyes is so amazing and powerful. Jayavarman VII was the great Buddhism king, many of Thai historical places were build on that age which is truly demonstrates the power and art of Khmer Empire spreading

Me : What is your country proud of and why

Toey : I am proud of Thai tradition “Thai Wai”. It is greeting which usually paired with the word ‘sawasdee’, also to show someone respect without touching. It is the better way instead of kissing each other in the cheek and shaking hands, Thai Wai is greeting as a safe alternative during the time of coronavirus outbreak.

Me : Thai wai as social distancing, people keeping distance to prevent from infection risk and disease right?

Toey : Yes.

Me : What is your favorite dish? In your country’s cuisine

Toey : My fav dish of course it must be Thai food and it is ‘Crispy pork belly’ Thai style crispy pork. good combo with beer and sticky rice. Must try 🙂

Me : It looks so delicious!

She showed me the picture

トゥーイ, I’m happy to know a lot about your travel experience. ありがとう!

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