The Journey Begin in Philippines from Jollibee

Jollibee is a fast food chain restaurant in the Philippines. There is also a branch at Ninoy Aquino Airport. When you arrive in Manila, relax here before seeing the map. I visited Jolibee twice during my stay in Manila.

$ 1.5 for Chocolate Sundae and Cheeseburger
A character with a male bee motif. Nickname is (Jollibee)

In addition to Jolibee, Jolibee Food Corporation operates Greenwich, a pizza chain, Chowking, a Chinese food chain, and Red Ribbon, a cake specialty store chain, and Jolibee and their stores are often located side by side.

Jolibee right next to the famous Quiapo church in Black Nazarene

Jollibee recently acquired US coffee chain giant Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and develops a chain store “Highlands Coffee” in the country and the Philippines.


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