Cheap, delicious Pad thai at Yum Saap

What is “Pad thai”

It is a dish of fried rice noodles. Stir-fried shrimp, shallots, leek, sprouts, etc. as ingredients and add nampler, tamarind juice, sugar, lime, peanuts, etc.

There is also a vegetarian product that uses soy sauce instead of Nampula without the shrimp.

Yumsaap is a cheap and delicious restaurant. You can enjoy popular Thai food here at a reasonable price. and is chain store in a shopping center, you can feel free to use it for an average price of 60-70 baht per plate. The menu is easy to see and order with pictures. Yum is a Thai language, which means “salad”. It ’s not YUMMY in English.

[Yum Saap]

Thai food is roughly divided into Central Thai food centered on Bangkok, Southern Thai food such as Phuket, Northern Thai food such as Chiang Mai, Isan food in northeastern Thailand and four local dishes. Agriculture is active in the Isan region. Grasshoppers are one of the essential ingredients in the food culture of Isan.

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