[Feature] I think pagodas are our country’s pride

I asked my Instagram followers for an interview regarding contributions. Thank you for the kind person who responded to the interview. The interview was online. Stay home.

In this article, I’m going to feature a 17 year old voyager who lives in my favorite country. She was busy studying, but she kindly accepted the interview.

Coronavirus is outbreak in Myanmar where she lives like my country. She has traveled to over 10 countries so far. But she’s never come to my country. Cherry blossoms are beautiful in Japan in April. Please come to Japan to see the cherry blossoms someday. At least I can say after the coronavirus has subsided.

Let’s get to the interview

Me : Thanks for helping me to write an article!!

Yoon : I feel so bored during this quarantine so it might be fun to share my experience with someone who also loves traveling.

Q : When traveling, do you often go alone or in multiples?

Yoon : I use to travel with my family and my relatives as well as in multiples.
We use to go there like 15 or 16 people so it’s so much fun !!!

Q : What is your main purpose when you travel?

Yoon : the main purpose is to have fun and explore the things that we’ve never done
before .But sometimes I go to beaches to get some relax with my family. Not alone coz I’m just 17 -_-

Q : What is your country proud of and why?

Yoon : I think pagodas are our country’s pride as Myanmar is famous for historical places and temples.

[ Yoon showed me a picture of Cappadocia, Turkey ]

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful photo

I was planning to go to Turkey by Emirates in October this year, but I extended it to next year because of fear of coronavirus. I was planning on going to Nepal with China Eastern Airlines in March and India in June. I already refunded these 2 tickets.

Thank you again for taking the interview. Yoon

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