Adventure of Kulen Mountain

Siem Reap has attractions other than Angkor ruins.

I went to Phnom Kulen, 30 miles away from the city on the last day. Phnom Kulen is a national natural park in Cambodia. This tourist spot was one of the most memorable of my trip. There are three major attractions in this tourist destination

As I heard later, there are still land mines around here and it is very dangerous to visit alone. Be sure to participate in a tuk-tuk guide or tour.




Before visiting Kulen Mountain, tourists may come here to pay 20 dollars to buy a entry ticket.



first, Climbing cliffs and taking photos

The second is the pagoda in the mountains

The second highlight is the Reclining Buddha at Pleia Anton Temple. Shops are lined up to the approach to the stone steps and it is lively. I saw many shops offering fish dishes that I had never seen, people who offered incense sticks to Buddha, and people who had a monk sprinkle holy water.


The biggest highlight of this temple is the 17m golden reclining Buddha built on a mountain. As I climbed the stairs, a huge Buddha statue was completely contained in the building at the top. It was wonderful. This Buddha statue, built in the 16th century, is said to be the largest reclining Buddha statue in Cambodia.


Third is a wonderful waterfall


Of course there are various attractions other than the above three

Shooting wild buffalo with a camera

Tuk-tuk driver invited me to dinner and made new friends

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